Vacancy in Board of STAK AAG

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Vacancy in Board of Stichting Administratiekantoor Continuïteit ABN AMRO Group

A vacancy has arisen in the Board of Stichting Administratiekantoor Continuïteit ABN AMRO Group (STAK AAG) following the decease of Mrs Stuiveling. The STAK AAG Board is looking to fill this vacancy as soon as possible to bring the number of board members back to three, the minimum required under the Articles of Association (Art. 3.1).

In its search for a suitable candidate, the Board will take its profile as a starting point. Given the current composition of, and expertise and diversity in the board, the preferred candidate has knowledge of and experience in national and international banking and the relevant regulatory context. Proven experience in the financial sector and an understanding of takeovers, both hostile and friendly, will be taken into account specifically. 

Pursuant to Article 3.2.1 of the Articles of Association, Depositary Receipt holders may recommend candidates for appointment to the Board. The individual to be appointed must meet the independence criteria referred to in Article 3.5 of the Articles of Association

In line with the above, the Board of STAK AAG announces that recommendations should be submitted in writing by 9 June 2017, either by email to or by post to Postbus 990, 1000 AZ Amsterdam, attn. STAK AAG Board.

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