Privacy and cookies statement

In this statement we explain why the Stichting Administratiekantoor Continuïteit ABN AMRO Group (STAK AAG) gathers and uses personal data, and why we do so when you visit this website. This website uses cookies. Please find below more information about cookies and how the STAK AAG further uses personal data.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information about you, for example, your name, telephone number, date of birth, postal and/or email address…For instance, we may ask you to provide us with such personal data when you complete a form on our website. The STAK AAG might save data on your use of our website, for instance by placing cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that the STAK AAG places on your computer via your internet browser – e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla –. The cookie allows recognising your surfing behaviour on our various website pages. Cookies also enable your use and help you to surf our website quickly and efficiently.

Why does the STAK AAG wants to be able to monitor surfing behaviour?

The STAK AAG may monitor surfing behaviour for a variety of reasons, e.g.:

How do I turn off cookies?

You can always switch off all cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings to refuse all cookies. Please note that this may prevent some services from working properly.