STAK AAG is fully autonomous within the limits of its objects, while its board is independent of ABN AMRO Group N.V. The first board of STAK AAG was appointed when the foundation was established. Since then, the board has been able to appoint its own members, without any requirement for approval by or cooperation with ABN AMRO Group N.V. In the event of a vacancy, any depositary receipt holder can make nominations for appointment. In principle, board members of STAK AAG are appointed for four years and are eligible for reappointment for up to two additional periods. The board has drawn up a retirement schedule for its members. Details of procedures, including the board’s composition, appointments, independence and procedures for meetings, are set out in STAK AAG’s Articles.

The board of STAK AAG currently consists of two members: Peter Ingelse (Chair) and Inge Brakman (Deputy Chair/Treasurer). There is one vacancy on the board. The current board members were asked by ABN AMRO Bank with the consent of the Minister of Finance and NLFI to take office for a period of four years. Together they have wide-ranging experience of the legal system and in the financial and public sectors.


The Board is assisted by Intertrust (management and secretariat), Lemstra Van der Korst N.V, (legal advice) and Finnius (financial/legal advice), ABN AMRO Bank, Corporate Broking (listing agent) and Marco Zoon (communication advice). STAK AAG has appointed Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman Accountants N.V. as its external auditor.